Aug 08, 10:00 AM
Online Event

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The End Book Deserts 2021 Event brings together people and programs who aim to end book deserts. We are united by the belief that all children – regardless of their zip code – deserve access to books and reading culture. We channel our outrage into action by creating innovative programs and approaches to provide book access in our nation’s underserved populations, including low-income marginalized communities. Though there is no fee associated with registration, all attendees must pre-register through Whova. 

Why Attend

If you are concerned with book access and equity, we welcome your attendance. Our attendees will include literacy warriors who work in schools, libraries, communities, and programs across the country. United by the belief that literacy is as an issue of social justice, we invite you for the following reasons:

  • To connect with literacy warriors nationwide who aim to end book deserts

  • To learn alongside and from literacy warriors who face similar challenges in shared work

  • To join a nationwide movement aiming to increase national awareness about book deserts

  • To reduce the isolation that you may feel as other conferences and organizations are not uniquely tailored towards your work and mission


Our event will run over two days: Sunday August 8th and Monday August 9th. We will begin at 10:00 AM EST and over the two days, we will have a variety of keynote speakers (including a variety of literacy advocates, non-profits, book banks, researchers, and others involved in work around book access). You will be able to attend any sessions which are interesting and relevant to you - drop in and out as your schedule allows. 

Zero Tolerance Policy


End Book Deserts is committed to providing a safe space for everyone, regardless of age, citizenship, religion, body size, gender, race, sexual orientation, language, disability, or any other marginalization. There is a no tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. Anyone participating in offensive behavior will be subject to disciplinary action.