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Turning Pages

What is more powerful than kids rising to the call of helping other kids? A group of teens in New York and Connecticut have joined together to #endbookdeserts in founding Turning Pages. Turning Pages aims to support children’s literacy and the love of learning by providing books to own and read. Since 2012, the group has organized and held free book fairs to provide the appropriate books to foster academic success and the love of reading.

Turning Pages began by collecting books from family and friends to donate to organizations that served the population of students likely to not have reliable access to books at home. Over the years, Turning Pages has grown and supported more children and families in multiple states. In 2018, Turning Pages sought to develop a deeper connection with its partners in schools, community centers, hospitals, and foster care organizations. They’ve evolved from simply donating books to more interaction with the children, including book recommendations and themed reading groups.

In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic limited Turning Pages ability to host free books fairs. Despite social distancing protocol, Turning Pages created a series of read aloud videos for children to watch through Reading Buddy programs. Book distributions shifted to meal distribution sites and mobile library services. Turning Pages has collected and successfully donated 31,961 books impacted 10,625 children (receiving 3 books each) held 5 free book fairs created 55 read aloud.

These students have big visions for the future: expanding our membership and partnering with other organizations in the efforts to improve literacy and ensure children have books in their home.

"No small act of kindness is too small. Everyone can make a difference in their communities. The first time someone thanks you for your generosity with a smile, you will be hooked!" - Co-Founder Kennedi Miller

Follow their work on social media:

  • Follow Turning Pages on Instagram: @ turning_pages_together

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